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The U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the Global UGRAD 2021-2022 program from January 4, 2021.

The Global UGRAD program provides an opportunity for students to study for 1 academic semester without obtaining a degree from a university or college in the United States, gain cultural and educational experience in the United States, expand their knowledge and skills, and get to know American culture and values ​​better.

The deadline for submission of documents is February 28, 2021. To apply for the Global UGRAD program, follow this link https://webportalapp.com/sp/closed/n9bqhdalu1

The International Student Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Programs of the US Department of State for full-time students of higher education institutions in Kazakhstan, provided that after graduation from the Global UGRAD program, students have at least one semester of study before receiving a diploma of higher education. ... The program is open to students of all Kazakhstani universities and all specialties. All participants are selected through an open competition.

Program description

The Global UGRAD program provides a full scholarship for one academic semester for full-time study in the United States, without a degree or postgraduate diploma. Finalists of the program will study at accredited four-year tertiary institutions and reside in student residences. Finalists will be able to take an intensive English course if required. (Given the funding available, only 25 percent of successful finalists worldwide will be able to take an English Preparatory Course.) The English Preparatory Course will take place during the Fall 2021-2022 semester. Students in preparation for the language course will begin their academic studies under the Global UGRAD program in the spring semester. Further, the program provides for participation in community service, professional development seminars, and cultural events.

Students cannot independently choose a host university to study under the Global UGRAD program and will be placed in the most suitable university, given the student's academic focus.

Finalists of the Global UGRAD program will have a pre-departure orientation session prior to departure to the US, an orientation session upon arrival in the US, and an end-of-program seminar.

The program is fully funded by the host, including:

• international flight from home to the host university in the United States,

• studying and living in the USA,

• orientation before leaving Kazakhstan,

• online orientation after arrival in the USA,

• medical insurance,

• meals while participating in the exchange program.

The selection of participants in the Global UGRAD program takes into account the personal and social achievements of candidates and is based on an open competition, in which all students who meet the selection criteria can take part:

  • citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan currently living and studying in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • full-time students at a Kazakhstani university who, after graduating from the Global UGRAD program and upon returning to their country, must have at least one academic semester in reserve to continue their studies at their Kazakhstani university. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the selection of the program began and ends later, for this reason, third-year students do not have one semester of study at a Kazakhstani university after May 2022. However, if you are a third year student who does not have a semester of study after May 2022, you can apply for the program. The list of finalists will be announced in May 2021. If you are selected to the Global UGRAD program, you can take an academic leave from the fourth year - that is, from the fall of 2021 in order to travel to the United States to study from August to December 2021, or from January to May 2022;

• candidates for participation in the Global UGRAD program must demonstrate their leadership potential and confirm active participation in studies, social events and the life of the surrounding community;

• in case of a successful interview, candidates will be directed to take the TOEFL iBT test. Candidates need to score a minimum score of 45 out of 120 possible to pass the further stage of the competition.

• preference will be given to candidates who have not previously been to the United States or have little experience of studying / living in the United States or in another region outside their country;

• undertake to return to Kazakhstan after the end of the program in January or May 2022.

• age - at least 18 years old at the time of the start of the program. (If you are 17 years old now, you can apply for the program);

• students studying in all specialties, including medical, who have a semester of study at a Kazakh university after May 2022;

• students with a general achievement (GPA) of 3.0 and higher out of a possible 4.0.

The following candidates cannot participate in the Global UGRAD program:

• US citizens or those who have US permanent resident status;

• students who currently live, study or work outside the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• candidates who have completed short-term training in the United States or in another region outside of Kazakhstan;

• Local employees of the US Embassies, US Consulates General, and USAID, including within a year after leaving;

• Immediate family members (spouses and children) of employees of the US Department of State and USAID, including within a year after their dismissal;

• World Learning employees and immediate family members.

TOEFL Testing

Participants who advance to the second round will take the official TOEFL exam. All costs associated with testing are covered by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Student responsibilities

• Applicants must be highly motivated and demonstrate leadership through academic work, community service, and extracurricular activities.

• This program does not award an academic degree at the end of the course, therefore, students are solely responsible for the issue of credits earned during their studies under the Global UGRAD program.

• Students will be required to devote 20 hours or more to community service during the program. Program finalists will also be required to enroll in at least one course (3 credits) in American Studies, such as US history, US literature, art, or US government.

• Failure to meet the academic requirements of the host university and the Global UGRAD program (academic failure, failure to complete assignments, and non-attendance) may result in expulsion from the Global UGRAD program. Participants must maintain good academic performance with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Application package for participation in the program

1. Completed online application form;

2. Motivational and thematic essay. (essay questions are indicated in the questionnaire);

3. A copy of your passport (when submitting documents, you do not need to provide a scanned passport. It is enough to attach a scanned copy of your identity card);

4. Academic transcripts for the years of study at the university with translation into English (the student can attach a self-translated transcript);

5. Two letters of recommendation in English. First-year students can ask the school teacher to provide a letter of recommendation, the second letter of recommendation can be from the curator, mentor of the student organization. Letters of recommendation can be electronic, you must indicate the full name of the referrer, place of work, position, contacts and e-mail.

To consider an application, applicants must:

- accurately and completely answer each question of the questionnaire and essay, adhering to the specified word limit; (400-600 words)

- upload two letters of recommendation with a certified translation into English, if necessary. One of the recommendations should be completed by the student's teacher or academic mentor at the university of study;

- the second recommendation may be from another teacher, employer, coach, coordinator from a previous exchange program or host family. Applicant's family members and friends cannot provide letters of recommendation;

- download the official academic transcripts for the entire period of study for the undergraduate program with a certified English translation. Grades must be printed on the official letterhead of the university, signed by the dean or equivalent university official, and certified with the official stamp of the university, if possible;

- upload an official confirmation that the applicant is a university student in the current academic year (if it is not written in the transcript). This document does not need an official translation into English;

- when your application is fully completed and supporting documents are uploaded, click "Submit". After sending, you cannot change the information that you filled out on the questionnaire forms.

- The content of the transcripts and recommendations will be cross-checked with the relevant educational institutions and teachers.

The applicant's questionnaire must show the individual work of the participant. Plagiarism that betrays the language, thoughts, expressions and ideas of another author as your own work, without proper permission, is unacceptable. Any kind of plagiarism in student questionnaires or essays is grounds for immediate disqualification from participation in the program.

Recommendation for applicants: Please do not contact educational centers, consultants and alumni of the program with a request to help in writing an essay. Each application will be carefully selected. Applicants who take advantage of the questionnaire and essay assistance will be immediately disqualified for academic integrity violations and will not be admitted to other US Department of State programs in the future. If you know that the Global UGRAD applicant has submitted an essay written by another person, please write to the following e-mail: Nur-SultanInfo@state.gov

Deadline for applications

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be submitted online by February 28, 2021. Candidates who have successfully passed the competitive selection will be notified in May 2021.

Selection procedure

All participants are selected through an open competition. Admissions committees will review all relevant applications. Semi-finalists will be invited for interviews.

The final selection will be made by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Programs of the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

All program finalists will be required to undergo a medical examination and receive the necessary vaccinations before participating in the Global UGRAD program.

At the end of the program, the finalists of the program receive a transcript with grades from an American university and a Certificate confirming participation and training under the Global UGRAD program. Students must independently provide transcripts of an American university in order for similar loans to be enrolled in a Kazakhstani university.

The aim of the program is academic exchange between staff and students of Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries.

• The Mevlana Program is one of the main educational programs in Turkey.

• Students can study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters.

• Teachers can lecture abroad from one week (minimum) to three months (maximum). Accordingly, thanks to this program, students and teachers can gain experience of studying in a foreign country and improve their level of knowledge.

 Conditions for participation in the Mevlana exchange program:

• Be an undergraduate, graduate and doctoral student

• For undergraduate students - GPA not less than 2.5 / 4.00

• For graduate and doctoral students. Average score not less than 3.00 / 4.00

• Availability of a certificate confirming knowledge of English or Turkish

* First year undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in the first semester of study cannot participate in this program

Mevlana Exchange Program Scholarships:

• Students will receive 70% of 750 Turkish Lira per month

• The remaining 30% will be issued to the student in accordance with their successful graduation

• For one semester, the student receives money for 4 months. (3000 Turkish lira)

* Students do not pay tuition fees and do not incur any additional costs in favor of the host university, but continue to pay mandatory tuition fees at the university from which they came (if they are students of a paid department).

Required documents for participation in the Mevlana exchange program:

• Questionnaires

• Transcript

• Certificate from the place of study

• Knowledge of the language - Certificate (English or Turkish)

• Copy of the passport

090009, Republic of Kazakhstan, Uralsk city, Zhangir khan street, 51
  • 8 (7112) 50 13 74
  • 8 (7112) 52 21 00
  • zapkazatu@wkau.kz
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